Friday, August 19, 2011

virtue media...Catholics come home commercial

Just the other day I had the experience of shooting a scene for a "Catholics Come Home" commercial produced by Virtue Media and Veritas productions. I was involved in a very short clip--just a few seconds long--but it took hours to set up and shoot. It was fun, but man, it made me realize how incredibly hard it must be to shoot a full length movie...

The scene was of my doing the elevation of the host and chalice (of course in this case it was non-consecrated!) at the "This is the lamb of God..."

The cool thing was since the commercial won't run for months, I used the new translation, which took a little practice: "Behold, the lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of the world...." It was really powerful to say those new words again and again (and again, and again...)
The way they set up the shot, the panning of the camera, the slow-mo of the final shot, the filters used to make the afternoon light in the church (Immaculate Heart in Phoenix) look like a heavenly light-filled sunrise morning...very cool stuff. I'll post when the final project is done, and let you all know when and how it will run.


  1. Congratulations Fr. John! What a blessing it must be to shoot a "Catholics Come Home" commercial...and right here in our own Diocese. Amazing all the equipment they brought!

  2. Very cool !! I'll stay tuned for that video !

  3. Congrat's Fr. John, you made national news!!!

    36-38seconds in the National AD

    See you on the IC Feast Day

    - Chef -